We make images successful.

Make better choices. LikelyAI.


We are currently working on a neural networks deep learning solution. It can predict success of images in posts or advertisements. With our product, business can choose better promotional photos for their advertisements on social media and on their own Facebook and Instagram profiles, achieving higher attention of their fans to the post by more than tens of percent.

Our team

We are a young, ambitious team with enthusiasm for technologies and machine learning. We are former Facebook and Google employees. With our last start-up, we sucessufully made an exit. Progress is our philoshopy. Now we are LikelyAI team and we work on the mission!

We are hiring!

Did you find yourself in a description of our team? If you are ready to move on and start hard working, don’t waste a time and join us on the mission in Ukraine. We have been accepted to Velocity accelerator. Since January 2017 we have moved to Birmingham, AL, USA. We pay attention on honesty and loyalty. Mainly, we are looking for talented programmers with passion for machine learning, neural networks and statistics.